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green hill farms is proud to introduce great new hostas to all facets of hostadom, hosta collectors, hosta nurseries and hosta clubs. we are however primarily a wholesale nursery offering new hostas in large and small quantities to other wholesalers and hosta retailers. find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for the hosta book at amazon.

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read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. hosta) hosta ' june fever' pp15, 340 displays nearly all- yellow leaves with a very narrow blue- green margin.

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as a sport of the award winning hosta ' june', this new selection also has nearly perfect form and great substance. as the summer progresses, the shiny yellow leaves darken to chartreuse. hosta ' white line fever ' is a medium hosta that has flowers and grows in half shade/ shade. the height is 0 to 0 cm and the growth is medium.

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this is a sport of hosta ' striptease'. posted by merloo1 on 8: 03 pm. i live in zone 8b and am 2 blocks from the ocean. i don' t have shade where i would like to plant this, but the temperature rarely gets above 75 and the ground gets full of moisture each night with the dew reaching 2nd story windows.

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combinations and patterns ( variegations) of all of the above with white or yellow are almost infinite. the foliage of hosta ' reversed', h. ' white magic, ' for example, would test the skill of the master painter.

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the common thread in all hosta colors is that they are easy to look at, and easily combined with colors found in other. big hosta plants and garden accessories store. free usa shipping.

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can' t get enough? the following independently published books may be of interest to you or someone you may know who loves gardening with hostas.

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About fransen hostas. Let us show it to you and tell you why should consider planting it in your garden. White feather is a great hosta for hosta white line fever book review lightening up shaded gardens— or planted in hosta white line fever book review containers.

Plant hosta ‘ white feather’ in the ground or in hosta white line fever book review a large pot after receiving them from us. ", followed by 1306 people on pinterest. I look forward to visiting to get a new hosta and to see cindy the expert whose advice has kept my hostas looking better every year! Vigorous grower that offers attractive green and white foliage. Leaves are shiny and darken slowly until. Hosta fever garden tour tohara87.

They are hardy perennials that can thrive in the same spot for several years. The spring- planted white feather hosta is a bit of a chameleon. 39; little white lines' hosta is hosta white line fever book review a tissue culture sport of ' masquerade'. Hosta fever - www. Fransen hosta white line fever book review hostas is a family operated nursery with many years of experience in growing and introducing hostas. Partially- white hostas.

Tall stems filled with near- white, very fragrant flowers are one of late summer' s pleasures. Hostas have many handsome leaf colorations and lavender or white lily- like flowers on graceful stalks. I always enjoy hosta fever! If planting in the ground, make a hole in good, loose soil. Color changes are common in hostas. White line fever.

The basic color of hosta are green, blue, and yellow. Lavender, funnel- shaped flowers open above the foliage in midsummer. 1 review) j: hosta white line fever book review cindy was great with any and all question we had about the shipping and buying process. The white feathers one was a hosta she' d only seen images of and cannot wait to see it established next year at its fullest.

Select a site that gets bright light or even morning sun. We only offer hosta books that we ourselves read at new hampshire hostas, we take our time reviewing and choosing hosta white line fever book review what books on hostas we' re going to offer to our customers. Unsubscribe from tohara87?

These hot black friday deals for white hostas are already going fast! See more ideas about hosta gardens, shade garden and shade plants. White feather hosta bulbs also produce 20 inch high lavender flowers in the summer. Hosta garden companions slideshow created by laura clark- hansen - duration: 5: 31. Join us in our shipping yard as we get ready to send out some hosta white line fever book review hosta june fever to garden centers in our region.

All orders placed now will be shipped hosta white line fever book review in the spring of. Explore annluckett' s board " hosta fever! ‘ white feathers’ ( seen above) is a popular white hosta image.

9 based on 12 reviews " i always hosta white line fever book review enjoy hosta fever! A must- have for the shade garden, this unique hosta' s leaves open white and change to green- white. Besides a large number of our own hostas that have been introduced in the past we offer you the newest worldwide hosta introductions. Excellent border plant or rock hosta white line fever book review garden specimen. Membership to the indianapolis hosta society is open to all who support the mission of the society. This perennial starts out with brilliant white leaves, and as it matures, it transforms into a creamy green.

Welcome to our new online store! Shop our wide selection of white hostas today. This miniature selection has unusual pointed ivory- cream leaves when they first emerge, later developing green stripes. Hosta varieties hail from china & japan and are great for hosta white line fever book review ground cover in your home landscape. We' re passionate about the hosta cultivars that we grow here and what we feel our enthusiastic hosta customers would like in their garden.

My mother loved the new hostas she got. Purple flowers appear in mid summer. Hosta june fever: comes up in the spring with a bright yellow leaf center surrounded by a thin blue- green border. Zilis 1988) small hosta cultivar. Narrow, medium green leaves with white margins.

External factors such as sunlight and soil can affect the color, but more permanent variations are due to genetic mutations. Other chapters include the history of hostas, taxonomy of the genus hosta, how to grow, propagate, hybridize hosta white line fever book review & select mutants & a practical hosta " problem solving guide". Hosta ‘ white feather’ likes a spot in the shade or part shade in fertile, fairly moist soil. We can say that, there are no white hostas.

Find more hostas for sale from white hosta white line fever book review flower farm. This genus of shade lovers has 70 species, all of them from china and japan, and hybridizers have produced hundreds of exciting crosses. This midsized specimen hosta white line fever book review selection has bright yellow leaves with a narrow blue- green margin that hosta white line fever book review streaks inward. Plants form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with lily- like blooms.

Hosta are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties now readily available. Because i got the fever too! More information and fact about white hostas. Color: green and white.

Growing hostas - hostas are about as carefree as a plant can be, but a little extra tlc will help your new plants off to a good start. This hosta must be planted in the shade, as it does not tolerate direct sunlight. Medium green leaves with a thin white margin. The book of little hostas: 200 small, very small, and mini varieties. The hosta handbook provides a comprehensive review of 278 horticulturally significant types of hostas, with over 1, 300 more briefly described. Plan on buying from hosta fever again for certain: positive: bobdev.

Plant database entry for hosta ' white hot' with 11 data details. Returning customers will need to create a new account, or simply checkout without an account. Hosta white feather - white feather is one of the most unique colored hostas we have ever seen and is hosta white line fever book review creating quiet hosta white line fever book review a buzz with gardeners. Some of mine are flowering now!

Find hosta white line fever book review helpful customer reviews and review ratings for hosta roots - white feather - bag of 4 at amazon. The plants emerge snow white and keeps its gorgeous white color through spring then streaks of green start to appear as the season progresses. The white feather hosta is excellent for providing color and contrast to a shady area. Plants form sturdy mounds of foliage, topped with lily- like blooms.

The fall- planted white feather hosta is a bit of a chameleon. Partially- white hostas are probably the best way to go, should one be in search of a white hosta. Medium hostas > medium white centered > h. We hope you' ll find it easy to navigate and intuitive to use. I insist you create the hosta garden of your dreams as they never disappoint with their beauty! Com, barrie, ontario l4n9l7 - rated 4.

Very vigorous, forms a hosta white line fever book review nice dense mound excellent for edging or ground cover. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about hosta ( hosta ) ' little white lines' supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave' s. In the case of the white feather, all of the leaf area is white when hosta white line fever book review it first breaks through the ground – although it does develop green streaks ( hosta white line fever book review some leaves may become totally green) – white hosta with thin leave should be control well for the sun light, bright shade, or early morning hosta white line fever book review or evening sun are their best. Hosta ' little white lines' - small.